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Northern Virginia Real Estate ... Buying a Home

Needless to say, the process of buying real estate in Northern Virginia or anywhere can be extremely tedious, frustrating, tiresome and ulcer-creating. So once the decision is made, the more you understand about the various aspects of a purchase, the better able you will be to cope with the many little problems, as well as make better decisions for yourself.

It frequently seems that the system may have been designed to thwart making a purchase. If it has been awhile since you purchased or if this is the first time for you, the internet can be a great source of help. The information you can find here will help ease you into the process, better armed for what lies ahead. There are several sites available that feature homes for sale and many more locations that provide need to know information. Take the time to surf and learn. This is a good place to start however, and if you can't find it here ... just let me know.


Getting Started in the Process

Before you do any looking for a home in Northern Virginia, the very first thing to do is find out exactly how much of a home you can buy. This can be done in five to ten minutes over the phone with a loan officer. Most people are shocked when they find out this information. They seem to either under or overestimate the price they can spend for a home.

Don't be one of those who spends weeks searching for or looking at homes only to become disappointed that you can't get that dream home just yet, or that you really can get a single family home and not the one bedroom condos that have been disappointing you.

Steps you may encounter in the buying process


Shopping For A Loan

Types of Homes in Northern Virginia

Why use a buyer agent?

How to Search the Internet


In addition to all of the above. You must do a home inspection