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Northern Virginia Real Estate Home Financing

When you are buying a home here in northern Virginia or elsewhere, there are two really key financial issues that you have to address: the amount of money you have to work with in making the home purchase -- downpayment and closing costs -- and how much it will cost to stay in it -- the monthly payment.

Those are the obvious ones, but then there are a host of others that many people don't consider. Most people don't have a plan or strategy to guide them through the process of making this very large purchase. For most of us it is the largest we will ever make. To maximize the use of your dollars, how you finance the purchase is of paramount importance. The more you know about this process, the better decision you will make for yourself on the purchase of a home. The knowledge is priceless.


Getting Started in the Process


Government programs
FHA Loans -- low downpayment, government insured loan program
VA Loans -- a great loan program ... for more information check the VA's home page

Your loan is so important in the home buying process. Talk to me before you make any
decision about the kind of loan you are going to get