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When the Home is Shown

1. If at all possible -- don't be there. If you must be at home keep busy at something. Don't let the buyer feel like an intruder. Don't follow them around. Be cordial but let the Realtor handle all the discussions with the prospective buyer.

2. Turn on all the lights -- inside and out. During the day open the drapes and blinds.

3. Pets! They are of course very special to you, but may not help you sell the home and even help unsell it. They are in some ways an uncontrollable part of the decor unless you take charge and keep them under control or out of sight. And certainly they must be kept quiet. You don't know what someone else's reaction is going to be to pets. Don't allow them to be a factor.

4. Entertainment: Keep the TV off. Soft background music is great.

5. When Realtors bring buyers to see the home, answer their questions, but do not volunteer information. Be polite and always direct your answers to the question that was asked. There's no reason to go on and on about all the wonderful things you have liked about the area and neighborhood. You may touch on something that the buyers find particulary objectionable. The point is -- respond truthfully and only to what is asked.

6. If you have just cooked a delightful meal with garlic and onions (which I happen to love) take out the potpurri spray and refresh the air.

7. Never let anyone in the house who says they just saw the sign and wondered if they could see your home. Put the responsibility on me and tell them I don't allow that. Give them my number and I will expedite a showing or have them contact their Realtor. All potential customers should be accompanied by a Realtor.

Your home can't look too good when it is being shown...but at the same time... Never refuse a showing or put one off...regardless of how badly you think the house looks.

Keeping a home prepared for showing is difficult and tedious. The better prepared a home is, however, the shorter will be the selling time.