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The typical types of homes in Northern Virginia

Usually three or more garage spaces. Most popular style today.

Rambler or Ranch
One or two levels that aren't built that much today. Often seen with no garage, but can include a garage. Frequently this style will have a carport.

Split Level
Could have three or more staggered levels. You typically enter the home on the level with the living room, dining room and kitchen. Family room or recreations room is normally on the lower level, along with other finished space and laundry and utility room.

Split Foyer
Think of it as a rambler raised partially out of the ground. You enter into a foyer that is about halfway between the main floor and the lower level. The main living area is on the main floor while the lower level typically has a family room and additional finished rooms.

Cape Cod
Found throughout the area and usually 25 years old or more. Typically there are two bedroom on the second level with a dormer for each of the bedrooms. There are many examples of them being remodeled by creating larger rooms upstairs and bumping out the roof with another dormer.


Characterized by porches across the entire front or wrapped around the side of the home. Occasionally there might be turrets at the coroners. Reminiscent of the grander "olden days". Could be two or more levels.

This style features various vertical and diagonal patterns of wood beams or planks embedded in a stucco portion on the front of the house. Makes you think you would find one of these in the England countryside.


 Four or more homes joined with a common wall. Two or more bedrooms; two or three levels. Most newer ones are being built totally on top of the ground as in the second picture.


Can be a high rise or as few as one level. Some townhouses may be sold as condos too.