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Considerations If You Have To Sell In A Hurry

1. Plan for it to take longer!!!

2. Figure that it might take 45 to 60 days after a contract is ratified for settlement to occur. Find out what the average time on the market is. It is possible for it to happen sooner but it is too early to tell with new regulations recentlyt passing.

3. Make sure the home looks sharp. If something isn't working -- get it fixed. If you are unsure about the condition get a home inspection performed. Your purchaser will, so you may eliminate some problems ahead of time by getting them corrected instead of waiting.

4. Price it at the market value. If you aren't comfortable with what your Realtor says, get a professional appraisal.

5. Keep the fact that you want to sell or have to sell in a hurry to yourself. It could hurt you in the negotiation. You should let your agent know this information, however.

 6. Make a detailed list of everything that must be done to include all services you will need performed, utility contacts, movers, Plan B if the home doesn't sell within the required time frame, etc. Establish time tables for everything.

Mistakes Some Sellers Make

1. They don't listen to recommendations from the Realtor about what must be done to the home to get it ready for sale. Realtors deal with this aspect constantly and know what buyers will find acceptable or unacceptable. If you are skeptical of the advice get an independent opinion. There are companies that provide surfaces for getting a home ready to be marketed.

2. They elect not to have a "For Sale" sign installed.

3. They don't permit a lock box.

4. They put very restrictive times on the property for showing.

5. When called by an agent to show the home and it is inconvenient...they either say no or try to schedule it for some other time. NEVER turn down the opportunity to have your home shown no matter how messy the home may be or how inconvenient it might seem. What if this is the buyer who would love your home, is from out of town and has to make a decision by the end of the day and yours is the last house they will be seeing?

6. They "just want to test the market" with a price. Buyers today know what the values are for homes in a given neighborhood.

7. Hover around prospective buyers when they are being shown the home.

8. They ignore the fact that they are in competition with other homes on the market.

9. They forget that selling a home is simply a business transaction in which the buyer wants to get as good a deal as possible. In a sense this is the same thing that the seller wants. Consequently they get offended by an initial offer and outright reject it with no counter offer.

10.In a $200,000 deal, they quibble over a $250 washing machine. "It's the principle", they say. The buyer, also forgetting it is a business deal, says, "there are more homes on the market than there are buyers for them ... "see ya later".