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Staging the Home to Sell

You have to show it off. Yes!! It is your home and you have to live there. But get used to the idea that it is now a product. When was the last time you bought what you thought was a shabby product? Now think of paying tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a less than sharp looking home. You wouldn't purchase a $25 sweater that had a snag in it. But somehow there are people out there trying to sell their homes with the shutters dangling from one hinge. I can't tell you how many times people started out looking for a "fixer-upper" and how quickly they changed their minds.

First Impression:
Never truer is the statement that "you never get a second chance to make a good first impression" than when trying to sell a home. From the moment a purchaser drives up they should see a manicured lawn; no debris in sight; carport or garage clean; the car clean; gutters and downspouts in good repair. Does anything require painting? Is the mail box in great shape? In the winter keep ice and snow removed.

Front Entrance:
Clean or paint the door. Clean the door mat. Shine any brass fixtures. Is the patio clean and sharp looking? Does the porch or patio invite relaxation and outdoor entertaining. Or, will someone get the idea that they will be spending their evenings and weekends working around the house.
: Sorry, but they are part of the picture too. Is there something untidy about the property next door? Ask the owner about taking care of it or offer to help. A purchaser is buying into the neighborhood as well as buying a house. I know you are saying I'm nuts. Please don't call me if that is what you think! I've driven people up to homes and had them tell me to move on when the house next door looked unkempt, dirty or dilapidated.

Windows: Make them spotless. During the day the drapes and curtains should be left open. A home filled with light is more inviting and cheerful.

Bathrooms: Leaky faucet or toilet? Tub or sink chipped? Fix'em!! Replace grout. Do the fixtures sparkle? Are the mirrors clean and vanities neatly arranged; tiles clean; towels fresh? Shower curtains and door -- clean with no mildew?
Kitchen: Great looking kitchen get attention and sell. Have good aromas or NONE! Check sinks and floors. Make a habit of keeping dishes washed and out of site.

Closets: They look larger when there are fewer items stored in them. Neat, well-organized closets show that there is ample space available.

Garage & Basement: Are they the neatest and cleanest you have ever seen?

Keep everything neat and uncluttered. Put everything away that is not part of the decor. Keep it simple and clean. Rugs and walls are backdrops for the picture. They have to look sharp. You can sell if you can't smell! Oil squeaking door hinges. Loose cabinet knobs? Fix faulty wall switches or appliances that are conveying.

Remember what it was like when you were looking for a home and how many you passed over because they just didn't look good. As for all of the info provided above -- I was an accredited staging professional.